Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miss Cora & Ms. Greta

Rummaging through thrift stores is always an adventure for art materials, frames, books and any other odd contraption that might have a second life in my imagination. Lately, looking for wood to paint dolls on has been my obsession so I wonder if you can tell what Ms. Greta's body (with the red and white) actually used to be? Who knew an old wood pepper shaker could feel so loved? And I just love adding these little vintage doll arms but they are so fragile and attaching them is quite tricky. I think the best way I've discovered is to have my husband drill a tiny hole in the wood first so the nail has a bit of a pathway.
I've been stock piling vintage lace where I can find it. I know I sound like my Gram but they REALLY don't make lace like this anymore!! : )
I hand sewed some detail to Ms. Greta's little skirt for a touch of color.
I love her little stout presence. She reminds me of a well structured mother hen or a cook who ruled with a firm yet loving hand and was able to handle many children at once while keeping the cleanest kitchen in her town. : )
These sweet ladies are in my shop right now:
That's all I have for now. Thank you all for your kind visits. Have a wonderful week!


  1. Such gorgeous work, who'd of thought a pepper shaker could ever look that good!!

    Micki x

  2. really nice~ i would've never guessed pepper shaker !
    have a wonderful day :)

  3. I love these dolls you are making! How tall are they?

  4. These are amazing!! So many wonderful details :) ~Lauren

  5. They are SO beautiful! It's amazing what you can create with the most ordinary of things. :) Theresa

  6. Hi Julie,
    I was just thinking about you and then I received your comment at my place! ;-)
    Really good to see your new doll's, they are beautiful. I love the crackle effect on their faces.
    I hope you have a good Thanksgiving too!
    We don't celebrate it here in England. :-)
    All best wishes,
    Jo. xx