Although I have been drawing since I can remember I didn't create "The Ruby Nest" to share and sell my art until late 2007.  My love for art was reignited after doing paintings with my oldest son, Aidan. When he was about 3-4 years old I would let him paint a blank canvas and then find the "story" in it and paint something within his work to make a collaborative piece. The paint brush hasn't left my hand since then although I have found other creative addictions. 

My current one? art dolls, clay, sculpture.  You can find that I often use vintage pieces that I have picked up along the way. Old light cages, salt and pepper shakers, chandelier parts. I love all things old that carry their own unique story and putting a piece together to make an Art Doll is something I currently enjoy doing almost daily.

I can't remember a time without drawing in my quiet moments.  I have always found comfort when I crawl inside the rabbit hole of other artists imaginary worlds.  Here I invite you to jump into my rabbit hole. You may find that your dreams are revealed in the windows of the sky, the best secrets come from the creatures of the forest and the sounds of nature become the hymn of your heart.

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