Saturday, November 13, 2010

BIRTHday blessings!

I can't believe my baby turned seven! Yikes! Does it always feel this bittersweet?! We decided to go Disneyland and spend the night at a hotel so we could get an early start. It's funny since we only live about 45 minutes away we never stay in a hotel or get there when the park opens. ; P At 35 weeks pregnant it has been all I can do to just exist but we truly had a wonderful time. Aidan was thrilled to get to the park when the great gates opened and this will probably be our last mini vacation with just the three of us so we tried to make it really special for our little man. : )
We met some odd but lovable characters throughout the day...

At least he's not quite old enough to be too cool for a photo op with the Mickster!

And, I want to introduce my new, sweet, precious, snugly nephew! He is a darling! My brother and sis in law welcomed him October 15th and we are all in love. His name is Cal Deacon. Now we can't wait for our little guy to get here so they can meet and become fast friends!

Thank goodness I can stop working next week! I'm trying to work on some dolls but if you don't hear from me you'll know what I'm up to.
I hope you are all enjoying this enchanting time of year!
Have a wonderful weekend! : )


  1. :)))
    Happy birthday sweet little boy! 7??? The coolest age ever!

  2. Happy birthday sweet Aidan!! Such a lovely age, my 6 year old daughter is looking at the screen now cooing over all the disneyland piccies :)

    So exciting that you will have another little one with you soon, I hope everything goes well for you, I will be thinking about you ;)

    Micki x

    p.s. you look absolutely beautiful, pregnancy suits you!!

  3. How fun to live that close to Disneyland! You are so lucky. I am sure it is a day that Aidan will always remember. Seven seems to began a whole new chapter in childhood. They are already so smart by that age and know so much! He is truly a little man isn't he. I am sure you are really taking in all these moments with him before your time is divided. But with that new baby will come all new wonders and fun for Aidan too. By the way, you look awesome!

  4. Oh, looks the birthday boy had a lot of fun!!! :) And congrats on your new nephew! Theresa :)

  5. Wow, time flies! I can't believe you are that far along already! You look great~ What a fun vacation to treasure the threesome one last time. My oldest doesn't have any memory of life before her sister since she was only 15 months old when #2 came! Your new baby will bring all of you unbelievable joy! By the way I love your little Harvest Moon doll!

  6. Such an exciting time in your life, and what a big change it will be with your new baby--enjoy every second of it!!
    And OH--Disneyland--if I lived that close, I'd be living in it!!

  7. Aw...happy birthday Aidan! He is so cute! And you Julie you are still beautiful inside and out! I swear it!

  8. Happy Birthday Aiden hope you had a wonderful day.

  9. Happy Birthday to Aidan, it looks like you all had a great time :) And congrats on your new nephew, he is just adorable! How exciting that you are so far along, you look wonderful! :) ~Lauren