Monday, November 22, 2010

Miss Josie

Miss Josie has a mind of her own let me tell you! I painted her entire upper body BEFORE she told me she really wanted a matching bodice to go with her skirt! And that is her second skirt, by the way, as she was really unimpressed with the first vintage lace scrap piece I had attached to her other skirt. Whew! Opinionated! But, cute as a button! And, she was entirely grateful at the end so I guess all is under the bridge. : )
She is the tallest doll I have made of late. She measure 9 & 1/2 " X 4" at her skirt's widest point.
Here is a grouping of all the girls in my etsy shop. They look so cute together but the bickering as to who could stand where and next to whom was endless!
Have a wonderful week dear readers and friends!


  1. very cute!i agree with miss josie-the lace on this dress looks perfect ;)
    great lineup of dolls!

  2. She is soooo pretty. I guess girls can always change their mind, right? I love them all together!

  3. Oh my stars!! THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!! I love whimsical :)

  4. Their dolls are all charming.... it is difficult to say which is the most beautiful!
    yasmin :)

  5. Girls eh? who'd have them?!! lol ;)
    She turned out fabulous though and although she fussed over her outfit, she knows she looks good now ;)

    Micki x

  6. Wonderful new doll!! You have a nice parade ;)

  7. They're all so cute together and look ready to go out and have a good time if they can agree on where to go! ;)

  8. Oh Julie, your dolls are so fabulous! They look so authentic - you have given them such a beautiful vintage feel. What amazing collectibles they will make! Theresa

  9. So cute, and her dress is beautiful! I love the picture of them all together, so precious :) ~Lauren