Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fiore Doll & Bewitched & Be Jingled on Ebay!!

Well friends whomever said, "You get what you pay for" is right! This sweetie (I'm a little embarrassed to say) took me at least fifteen hours...I know most of you are much more efficient but I have some connector(s) loose in my brain which require...insist!..I go over and over every detail until I get some internal signal that everything is just right! If anyone is aware of how to turn this off please let me know. : )She can hold this little copper wreath wrapped in twine and ribbon with an "F" for Fiore if she chooses or you can take it off. These buttons were actually my grandmothers which she kept in an old glass jar in her sewing room...thanks Grammy xxx
And a little crackle thanks to a wonderful tip from Jennifer
Thank you Jennifer...I love this Deco Art crackle!
Little close up..
So Fiore is listed tonight with my "On Pumpkin Trail Road" painting on ebay HERE
And if you search "PWGL Bewitched" on ebay you will find many more treasures this week!

Have a wonderful week sweet artists and friends! xxxxx


  1. Oh My! She turned out just beautiful! I love every detail! Her face is so sweet~

    I want to thank you dearly for my bird on the nest art print! I got it from my sister Jennifer yesterday. I framed it right up and it is hanging above my paint shelf for inspiration. It is so wonderful~ Have a fabulous week!

  2. Wowsa!! You are amazing! I am intrigued by making dolls----I HAVE to try it someday!

    Lovin yours, though....

  3. It's wonderful!!!I like all the details, the buttons are perfect and with the crackle it looks great!

  4. She's a beauty!
    I've got the same problem with detail, but I think I'll keep it.
    I think it works for me AND you :)
    xox, Lisa

  5. Oh, she turned out perfect! I love the crackle. Perfect touch. She looks like she would take a long time to make. Jennifer

  6. I love that crackle stuff too! And she turned out fabulous! Worth the time!!!

  7. She is very sweet! I wouldn't worry about how long it takes to complete - I figure it takes as long as it takes until it is finished. She looks like she took the right amount of time to me. Great job :)

  8. She's wonderful!!!

    ~ I've not figured out how to shut off that little detail oriented part of my brain...but it's working for me I don't worry about it...and it appears to be working for you tooooo so I wouldn't worry about it :)

  9. Beautiful beautiful work!

    Best wishes, Carolyn

  10. Hi Julie,
    You are a creative perfectionist and there is nothing wrong with that!:)
    Fiore has turned out beautifully and anyone can see she is well made.:)
    Thank you for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment.