Friday, August 28, 2009

Charlee's Crows....New Painting

Charlee was a protector of all little animals from the time she could remember. For some reason, the crows liked her the best of all. She lived in a little cottage in the forest and, not seeing many other children around, didn't find it strange at all to be a little "half girl". She found it quite useful really as the different animals often found their way into her protective cage for a night or two while traveling through the forest. She once had a mother rabbit and several babies stay for more than a week but that was when there was a thunderous storm out and Charlee was happy to stick scraps from the table into her skirt at mealtimes as they rode out the storm. So, as it was, animals would always come and go this way. Except for Stanley and Lou who became her dear friends through the years. Stanley and Lou were very sweet crows often offering Charlee advice, solace and encouargement as she grew in a world more filled with animals than people. Stanley and Lou lived to be old enough for Charlee to have some of her own little half babies and after they were gone Charlee told their story to their children as well.
I painted this on wood and, even though I was thinking of repainting this beautiful old frame, I think I kind of like the worn gold color.
Stanley asks Lou what she would like for dinner.
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  1. Very sweet! I just love the story!

  2. fab painting and great story!!

  3. I love your story and the painting...reminded me of The Nutcracker when the children come out from under her skirt.

    About Dear Frida, I can't remember what she is marked, but to me, it's not the money, it's someone who loves it...I could drastically mark her down, or maybe we could do a swap, since I love your Art.

    E-mail me:
    Have fun this weekend,
    xox, Lisa

  4. Such a sweet painting and sweet story! The frame with it is perfect!! I love crows... :) Silke

  5. And why aren't these stories a book? So great! You are one talented lady....

  6. The painting is so beautiful! Nice story :)

  7. You are SO talented! To paint something so precious and put together such a charming story to go with it is truly a gift!!
    Thanks so much for visiting today♥
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Very pretty. I have always loved the look of a bird cage skirt.

  9. As always your paintings are fantastic!I love the bird cage skirt!