Saturday, August 22, 2009

Little Fiore Doll

Just wanted to show you this little sweetie Ive been working so hard on. She is almost done after two full days of work on her...Whew!!! Just a wee bit of clay to the face (only on the brows, cheeks and the tip of her nose and chin). Check back tomorrow for the finished doll...(I'll do it if it kills me!) Her name is Fiore meaning "flower." xxx Julie


  1. Hi Julie,
    Fiore is very special and very cute looking too. I will pop back later to see her completed!:)
    I can see she is going to be a very beautiful doll.
    Best wishes Jo.x

  2. Julie, you crack me up!
    "I'll finish if it kills me"...LOL!
    You know Fiore is giving you life as much as you are giving it to her...
    I know the feeling tho :)
    xox, Lisa

  3. She is so sweet. Can't wait to see her finished.

  4. Julie, she is wonderful! I love the face it is adorable! When do we get to see the rest?

  5. Hi Sweetie! I love her and the Halloween painting is so fun!!! Great job! I am getting ready to start on some spookies, too!


  6. OOh she's lovely Julie, can't wait to see all of her when she's finished!

    Micki x