Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh, Hello December, Hello Friends!

Hello dear readers....Once again, I have been oh so neglectful about writing on my blog but, I promise I have some good reasons and some exciting news to share soon! I thought I would share some new dolls for now. Below is "The Sea Keeper".
I found this vintage light cage in Washington when I was visiting my Dad. It's so cool, right?! I have never seen one quite like it. And, my dear husband drilled holes in the teeny, tiny shells for me so I could hang them in her cage. (I like the one with the paper wings attached).
These two ladies are, of course, a mishmash of spools, jello molds, book pages and seashells. They are 11" and 12" tall.
The one on the left says "Through the Moonlight" and the one on the right is "The Discovery". Through the Moonlight is in my shop. I sold the other two angels like her at an art/craft show I did yesterday and was so excited to see them go to good homes!
Can you believe my little baby turned ONE yesterday!!??!! I cannot. It has been a wonderful year blessed with this little sweetheart and we are so truly thankful. I have many, many more pics and stories to share so I will try to get caught up this week!
I hope you all are having a very blessed December and are healthy & happy! Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Hi Julie! Looks and sounds like you have been busy! And what sweet boys! Blessings to you and your cute family! :)

  2. Love the sea keeper, she is wonderful, but I think you saved the best till it really a whole year since you had Vann? wow it seems just like yesterday, but look how old Aidan looks though, he's changed a lot in the last year, love the photo, you sure do have a pair of gorgeous kids.

    I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year

    Micki x

  3. It's so good to see you post again Julie. Your kids are beautiful, and time really does fly--enjoy every minute you have with them.
    And your new pieces--oh wow--love your creativity. I love my art that I have from you. I've been accumulating a lot, and I'm hoping to blog about my fun art collection that I have.