Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Ghost of the Captain's Stateroom

Just wanted to share a couple more paintings that I have finished recently.
This is, "The Ghost of the Captain's Stateroom" which for some reason took me forever to finish. I guess it was the little details but, thankfully, she is done!

And this is, "She Longed to be Back at Sea", another Marie Antoinette homage of sorts.
I really like both of these in person.
I keep trying to lighten my palette...especially for the spring and summer seasons but, I'm already getting an itch for all things Harvest, Haunted and Halloween-ie!
Are you?
Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my last post.:)
I am still trying to get back to each of you...I will!
I just move much slower these days.


  1. I haven't been by here for ages so it was lovely to see your beautiful art again.

  2. Love the ghost. She is beautiful.

  3. simply lovely! i'm interested in learning the inspiration for miss ghost's painting. i love all the little things going on in this piece. xoxo

  4. I'm always amazed at your talent!

  5. wow love them and the way you do the ghosts is so pretty such sweet faces as always love claire xx

  6. Beautiful art! I love the girl with the sailboat.

  7. Hi Julie,your illustrations are great and beautiful as always,I repeat what I wrote time ago,you are sooooo talented!Love your blog!Can I write a post about you and your illustration?It's a plaisure to me introoduce your fantastic art to my Italian Followers.I hope you don't mind!You're amazing!

  8. Both of your paintings are SO lovely, Julie. :) I am quite fond of the ghost, especially. I love the ethereal feel to the piece. I am definitely itching for fall, as well. Especially after this icky humid summer!
    And I must thank you so kindly for your wonderful comments on my Borders post...they meant the world to me. It is going to be very hard to say goodbye - so I am drinking in every last precious moment before its over. On to the future!!! :) xoxo

  9. OH.MY.GOD.
    This blog is so beeautiful... i absolutely adore your work... x sandra

  10. Hi Julie

    How are you my blogging friend. Long time no... I was going to write 'see' but you understand. How are your boys, growing fast I expect.

    Your new work is amazing.. How on earth did you come up with such a great idea? Wonderful.

    As for the mermaids... I adore them.

  11. how divine! i LOOOVE this collection of artwork. i know how you feel about colours... summer is coming to an end slowly, and yet i too already feel like adding a little autumn’s colors to my work ... so much to look forward to !
    have a great week end x sandra

  12. Spring has sprung and just to make it even better I've discovered you today - Your work is soft and subtle, I love the aged colours, the delicate backgrounds - I'm so very glad that I've met you

  13. OOooh, I love it! I love anything with ghosts and anything with pirates and the sea and boats and so this is perfect! What a fun painting :)