Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet Simonette, Emma and the Seamstress : )

I hope you all had a truly wonderful Holiday!! Thank you soooo much for all the kind words and well wishes. I cannot tell you how much your words were APPRECIATED!!! If I didn't get back to you personally, please forgive me, I am just getting caught up and trying to get some kind of painting/creating schedule going with our new little one.
This is Simonette...
I found an old light bulb cage for her skirt which I just adore!
More vintage lace, buttons and porcelain doll arms.
And, this is little Emma. Another old, wooden salt shaker body.

This is a re purposed pin keep. She was pretty beat up so I entirely re-painted her and I think she turned out pretty sweet. : )
She is a rather large pin keep measuring 7" X 3". That's a lot of pins.
And, finally, The Seamstress.

All of my new pieces (except for Simonette) are available in my etsy shop HERE.
Again, thank you for your visits.
I'm enjoying a lot of time in my rocking chair just holding the little guy and staring at his sweet face.
But the brushes keep calling me so visit again soon. : )


  1. Yes taking your own photo is so fun...and you get to see yourself the way you see your self in the mirror.

    How is that cutie of yours?

  2. wow they are so amazing your dolls are really special just love them!! they really stand out its hard to get any work done with a little baby so you have done really well xx

  3. Loving your creative flow--your life is good right now--smiles :)

  4. I love these! So pretty. The light bulb cage as the skirt is darling. Enjoy your little one. :)

  5. You are amazing! So many treasures created AND a new wee one...Bravo!

  6. I am so impresed Julie, you are truly a 'supermum'.

    But don't go thinking that you have to do everything at once, there is plenty of time, don't wear yourself out trying to do too much. I'm talking as one who knows..

    By the way....How are the lovely young men in your life? Good as gold, as my mum would have said, I'm sure.

  7. Welcome back! Your new dolls and painting are so beautiful. Enjoy the time with your little one. :) Theresa

  8. Julie, your dolls have so much detail and beauty. I had to keep looking at the first one because her face almost looked carved, your shading looks so real on her. Now, I KNOW you added a nose to the last one because I could see it from the side. A perfect nose at that, just love her! The crackle is so perfect too! LOve the nose on her.

  9. julie...congratulations on little vann. i am LOVING his name. i bet it has felt good to get back to a little creating. you are a wonderful artist and mama.
    happy week ahead.

  10. I adore your dolls! I am amazed at your creativity after just having a real wee doll!

  11. Am loving all your girls, they're each so unique!I especially like Marie Antoneitte, she's so poised and grand like a diva!