Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eva & the Angel Shadow Box

The end of January is here already and our little one is getting bigger each day! I have some new pics to share soon...I am so thankful that Aidan just adores his new little brother.
Now for some new pieces...
This is Eva;
I LOVE how she turned out! So simple yet sweet...

The vintage buttons and hand cut butterflies are my favorite.
And, I really wanted to keep the colors monotone while maintaining a vintage feel.

The piece below is "You're an Angel"; an art doll shadow box to celebrate friendship and love for Valentine's day! Or any day.
The box measures: 7&1/2"- diameter; 3&1/2"- deep

Have a wonderful week everyone!! : )


  1. Both of these pieces are SO lovely. I really like the paper butterflies, too - and the buttons, too. And the shadow box is gorgeous! :) Can't wait to see the photos of your little one. Theresa

  2. very neat-i love the paper butterflies :)

  3. Both are gorgeous but I soooooo love Eva, she is truly stunning!!


    Micki x

  4. julie, i love both! eva is amazing. i can't get over the metal dress (so cool!). i hope you keep making more of these kinds of dolls.


  5. Wow! These pieces are wonderful! I love the buttons and butterflies on Eva! I still cherish my doll that I won on your blog long ago. My kids make fun of me when I pick it up and just look at it every once in a while. We are getting lots of ice and snow again this week and I wish I had a new little baby to cuddle with (I'm envious)! Instead I have to worry about my college kids driving to and fro to work, school etc. in this mess. Have a wonderful day~

  6. So pretty - both of them! I love Eva's button headband & the butterflies add such a whimsical tough. Love them. :) I hope you have a wonderful week!! Jen

  7. Julie, you are such a natural!! Smiles from me! :) :) :)

  8. Eva is so beautiful. LOVE her eyes - quite amazing, I must say. :) And adore those paper butterflies. Hugs

  9. Eva and the Angel shadow box are fabulous. The butterflies are the perfect touch. I just adore vintage-looking things. They have such character.

  10. WOW. These dolls are SO striking. Gorgeous! And what lovely gentle expressions. I'm still very much loving the little village scene painting I have of yours :) so beautiful. Looks like you've been busy!~

  11. oh my goodness! they are wonderful!!!

  12. WOW! Soo lovely, I love it
    have a wonderful week

  13. Wonderful work Julie! Amazing dolls, you are so inspired.