Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yosemite or Bust!

Just a quick post to say, "We made it!" and despite the dumping of snow the night before our caravan was able to get up the mountain and down into the Valley with no chains. We did see some wildlife on the drive in (coyote & deer) but have seen nary a black bear (much to the little one's disappointment). Here we are in front of lower Yosemite Falls (the sun has come out, and everything is just beautiful)!
Gramps, Missy and the bear seekers....

Ahhhh, Half Dome....just as impressive each visit.

The snow was coming down yesterday afternoon when we arrived so, naturally, getting so few chances to stand in falling snow where we come from we tried to stand in it, let it drop in our mouths and get as cold as humanly possible before we decided to get some real clothes on.
(I love my brother in his shorts) :)

Since you all can imagine how terribly I'm missing the furry children this sweet little ground squirrel came right up to befriend me and give me a little home comfort. Seriously! How cute is he?!
Thank you for all of your lovely insight on my last post....it was so interesting to read your thoughts. I will write out my thoughts on it when I get home Friday for any that may be interested.
In the meantime, hope you are all having a great week!


  1. Lovely pictures, I'm glad you're having fun! :) ~Lauren

  2. OOh sounds like your having fun!! Love the piccies x

  3. Oh what fun it looks like you must be having
    -all my years in California and I never got up to Yosemite...Maybe some day-looks beautiful!

  4. I envy you!! We went to Yosemite over 30 years ago, and loved it--I know I'll be back someday!!

  5. Wow! Everything is so beautiful! What a wonderful trip and, yes, the little squirrel is sooo cute! Hope you are having fun!

  6. What a great trip, in spite of the snow! Thanks for sharing all the pictures... one way for us to see another part of the country without living our homes!Love the little squirrel story too!

  7. what beautiful photos! love that adorable squirrel. have a fabulous time :)

  8. Awwww, what beautiful pictures! I am so glad you shared them. I hope you get to see a bear!
    Have a safe trip back.

  9. i found your blog through the art hermit.
    i adore your work & am now a follower!
    looks like an amazing trip you are on!
    happy & safe travels & best inspiration!! x

  10. Lovely photos - and that squirrel is just way too cute for words!!! So happy you enjoyed your trip. Theresa

  11. Julie where are you? I miss you?