Friday, April 16, 2010

The Escape Artist

Her beguiling smile wouldn't deceive her. She wasn't a rebel or even a little naughty. She simply had a way of communing with the birds. Some were quite happy in their cages....content to be owned, to be loved, to be endlessly provided for. But others, quite like some people, never lost their desire to be free. They could live only when unrestrained, be joyful only when the fresh, swift air moved under their bellies.
And so, when she understood the communicated longing from the frisky inhabitant of the third cage...well, she wasted no time to ever so gently lift the latch while scratching her head. The owner was bemused but then surmised that the inhabitant of the third cage must have been the most intelligent bird she had ever owned. "Most certainly!" replied the young girl.

"The Escape Artist" is painted on 11 X 14 gallery wrapped canvas and is available in my etsy shop. : )

I had to share the rest of my Yosemite pictures because we went on some amazing hikes, and, who doesn't love those glorious mountains full of trees and waterfalls?! So~ sorry & please feel free to skip if you've had enough!
The North facing mountains had so much snow and ice we had a little bit of a rough time of it in certain places. But, I was so proud of my little boy, who despite the 5 mile round trip never complained or tired of it once. : )
In the background is Nevada Falls. It was another 1.2 miles but the trail was closed due to rock falls and icy conditions. We were a little disappointed but headed back around to see Vernal Falls after this little break.

If you look way down this rocky river you will see a little bridge where we started this hike.

A view of icy steps....thank goodness for walking sticks.

Vernal Falls as we are coming down the "Mist Trail" from the very top. Just beautiful!

At the bottom of the trail we understood why they had blocked it off but it was all worth it in the end.

Lower River and Housekeeping Camp.

We used to float down this river on inner tubes during the summer when we were little. Good memories. : )

Inspiration point with El Capitan in the way, way background.
Okay that's it! Now back to the drawing board!
I am participating in an Art Festival/Show next weekend so I MUST PAINT!
I'll share pictures as I go.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. beautiful paintings-beautiful photos of your trip-looks so pretty there :)

  2. I love your latest painting and the words you put with it!

    Love your pics show as many as you want I for one love to see them!

  3. Adorable painting, breathtaking scenery. X

  4. I love hiking in the mountains! Your trip sounds wonderful!

  5. I adore the beautiful story that goes along with your new painting. What a faerie tale artist you are! And thanks for sharing these stunning photographs. This world is filled with such stunning natural beauty. It was wonderful for you to share it with us. :) Have a great weekend! Theresa

  6. Beautiful Yosemite pics and I love this piece of art and her story as well.

  7. How creative! I love that you have a story for each should write/illustrate books for children...seriously :)

  8. Love The Escape Artist! It's fabulous, especially when accompanied with the little story you told. And I so enjoyed the photos of your trip! Looks beautiful there, even with the snow and ice. What a great kid you've got to hike for 5 miles and no complaining!

    Good luck with your weekend show... hope it goes well and you sell lots!

  9. Ah, freedom is such a wonderful thing, isn't it? I like the way your mind works, which is why I adore your paintings! There's always some kind of innocence and pristine beauty in them... (^_^)

  10. I love "Escape Artist", it is so enchanting! The story is a plus! Your photos of your trip are wonderful--what a beautiful place!

  11. Beautiful painting! You always have such wonderful stories to go with your paintings! I loved your holiday photos too, that scenary is breathtaking!

    If you haven't already, please head over to my blog for my give away you just need to scroll down for your chance to win one of my pendants! :0)