Monday, March 1, 2010

"The Showers of Spring" & some winners!

We are all craving a little spring, aren't we? I walk out my door and smell oranges and lemons on the trees, hear little birds chirping and I take a deep breath. This woman is enjoying the showers of fruits and blooms that the spring promises to bring us each year. In the right spot I look up to the sky and this is what I see...the color of happiness.
There are so many layers of paint on this one this painting feels like it weighs five pounds.
"The Showers of Spring" is painted on a 16 X 20 canvas and will be available on ebay tonight!
You probably noticed I changed my header area to this painting...I think she turned out so sweet so I wanted to show you the whole thing. Her animals hold her heartstrings.....hmmm....wonder where this idea came from?!
And, to all you sweet readers who entered my give away...THANK YOU!!!
You all inspire me each and every day!
But, there has to be winners so....
First, the vintage pillow/postcard goes to:
Tina from The Artful Life
& the painting goes to:
Yasmin from Mundomundaca
Ladies, please email me with your addresses @
Have a great week!


  1. Congratulations to your very lucky winners!!! I am sure they will enjoy your gifts. I love your new header. It's cheery and springlike. :) I am SO ready for a little green!!! :) Theresa

  2. Congratulations to your winners!
    Julie, I love these two your paintings so much.

  3. I absolutely love the new paintings! I love the banner choice! Great job on both Julie!

  4. These are both sooo neat! I really love them and all the layers and details. Just gorgeous. Also, I am so jealous of those lemons!


  5. are those lemons in your garden so lovely its still snowing in the uk I crave some sun.... love your new painting her head dress is very prettyxx

  6. You have lemons?!! I forgot what it's like to walk out into the warm sun :( Both of these are perfect and I love the one you chose for your header!

  7. I love how these two are so beautiful in every way. I can so believe that it would be a hard choice to which you place on your header. I like them both so much!

  8. Oh man, these new paintings are so beautiful! I love the bird with the heart string! It reminds me of my daughter who is probably the only college student who keeps a bird feeder in the solitary tree outside her campus apartment and keeps them well fed. I think watching birds brings peace to her stressful senior year! I am so envious that you have lemons!! What fun!!

  9. Congratulations Tina and Yasmin!!!
    ; )

  10. WOW! This painting and your new banner are GORGEOUS! You are a truly talented artist.

    I can't believe that I missed a givaway from you.... bummer... but congrats to those who won.

    I am really dreaming of spring too.


  11. Oooh, congrats, lucky winners! The paintings are just delicious, as usual Julie!

  12. congratulations to the winners!!

    I wish I could see signs of spring over here, we have a hard and very cold frost today :(

    Micki x

  13. I love the girl crowned in spring blossoms... We got whomped by alot of snow a few days ago, so I'm really feeling the longing for spring. I love the painting for your new header...our animals really do hold the strings to our hearts don't they?
    The picture of the lemons is making my mouth water...lemonade and lemon tarts...mmm.

  14. Oh how lucky the winners are!I love your new painting, I am so craving spring! :D Patti