Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oliver and the Princess of Blue Meadow

Charming and sweet, the unassuming Oliver attempts the painstaking task of explaining the current, somewhat unpleasant, situation to the Princess. "The people of Blue Meadow have made it quite clear my dear", began Oliver, "that you are generally disagreeable and, well, selfish".
The princess said not a word, moaned and looked away.
"The sum of it is...You are to remain here, with me, until I can determine whether you are worthy of your station". Of course, the princess WAS quite disagreeable always having lived a life of privilege and was never able to appreciate those around her.
And so, a lesson in humility, in gratitude and servitude began and much to Oliver's dismay the Princess seemed unable to warm her cold heart.
"Just give me the key and get me out of here!" the Princess whined. Oliver explained, "If you'd taken the time to notice there is no lock that holds you here and, therefore, no key. This cage knows your true conscience and only when you have changed will the bars open for you".
Unfortunately, this didn't happen overnight and, for the Princess of Blue Meadow, it didn't happen in many nights. But, eventually, through the sheer will and kind, patient heart of dear Oliver she began to see the meaning of her life.
Like many of us, once the awakening occurred, she never looked back except to visit Oliver with stories of thankfulness now and then. She became a kind and compassionate Princess and Oliver kept a steady flow of tenants who all eventually left his company with bright eyes and warm hearts.
Aidan went to see "The Wizard of Oz" with his schoolmates last week at my alma mater Cal State University Northridge (We affectionately call it C~SUN). He ooohed and awwwed about how he so loved the characters, in particular the Tin Man. His teacher asked the students to draw a picture of their "theatre" experience. I know we all love children's art so I thought this would be fun to share.
Apparently, Aidan's scarecrow (far left) has been rocking to a lot of punk rock.
But, so precious. : )
Have a lovely weekend guys!


  1. Dear Julie, I LOVE that you always tell a sweet tale along with your art. Perhaps you should do up a children's book! :) The artwork your son did is too cute~seems as though there is a budding artist in the family. :) Sincerely, Theresa

  2. what a wonderful story to go with that fabulous piece :D

    love aidan's scarecrow LOL :D

  3. I love the owl and princess painting...and the story to go with it is magical. How fun to see your son's artwork! Very cute!

  4. Love your painting, the owl is fantastic, and I do so love your stories!
    Aidan's picture is wonderful too, the scarecrow's hair reminds me of a style I had once too ;)

    Micki x

  5. How great to show his drawing here! he must be so proud!I have actually planned to show some children's pictures for a special event in May.

    Also,I have just posted something about key...
    Your illustration and story are just the sort of things I love to see here on Blogland.

  6. that has to be the cutest owl ive ever seen lovely as always have A NICE WEEKEND CLAIREX

  7. Aw, I love children's artwork...Yours is nice too ;)
    Have a great weekend :)

  8. The owl and the princess....wonderful! I especially love the story. And your sons' drawing is perfect...the magic of oz caught by a little one.
    (love the punk rock he'd be very Joey Ramone in stature ;)

  9. precious, indeed!!!! a budding artist. you should be very proud (and i know you are)!!

  10. Oh, I love the princess story! I might be able to scare my little princess with this one when she acts spoiled. ;) Aidan's drawing is just perfect! I do love to see what little hands make. So cute!


  11. Hi there what a great story behind your painting and the look on the princess' face is great!! Lovely piece! Also such a cute picture by your little man, I love when my boys get into a piece like that! He looks like quite the little artist! :0)

  12. both these creations and wonderful! I cant wait til my little one is old enough to start coloring little scenes! how fun to see his artistic side flourishing :)

  13. HI,
    It has been tooo long since I stopped by to visit my pals in Blog land..
    Love your new creations, and your son did a great job, he will follow in his moms steps...
    Hope all is well...
    Many Hugs..

  14. I love the story - and how small the princess was in comparison to the owl - I like that double meaning!
    The Wizard of Oz picture is so good, even Toto is there. It's a keeper!

  15. Love the turn in this art, they both look very cute. Going for cute, your son art is also.
    Isn't children's art just the best!
    Dancing scarecrow, cool!