Saturday, January 23, 2010

"I'm Alive!" hee hee...I've missed you guys.....

It was one of those dreams where, when you awake, you find yourself blinking your eyes in the hopes that each new image may ping a remembrance of where you are. But, it takes a moment. Because the images in your dream seem like memories...true memories...
She walked on, at the onset of a light snow fall, and she felt warm despite the gathering white that had begun to surround her. She came upon a large oak tree with bare branches and little hints of snow where the branches caught the flakes before they could find the ground. "You can come into my forest dear one" came a voice from within the trees although she saw that there was not a soul around. She spoke not a word but just walked forward as to quietly acknowledge the speaker. "Just know this", said the voice..."This is a forest of reflection and in it you will find that you become what you most desire." Most people would stop and ponder this alarming warning for a moment but, of course, in dreams, one never really takes the time to do such things. Rather, she continued forward farther and was quite surprised to find that her reflection revealed a tiny village of many little homes, snuggled against a quiet mountain of bare trees and fresh snow.
"I have a loving home" she said into the vastness of the forest. "I'm not quite sure I understand". "You understand", said the voice. "You are the home. You are what brings your loves back to you. It is not about real walls and objects carefully placed within those walls. Your greatest desire is to be the home that they come to...and keep coming back matter where you are."
So, if you can help me think of a name for this one I would be much obliged!

I have so missed reading all of your blogs...they have given me such a center to my struggling artist inside. I must tell you that I have not meant to be neglectful... I truly haven't. : ( But, my job has been quite busy and I have had a few other distractions of late (you will see below ; )!) First I must give a huge, grateful, adoring thanks to Jennifer of Hot Tamale Art Studio .
My sister and best friend have so fallen in love with dear Jennifer seeing her art in my house that they have both commissioned beautiful paintings from her. And, as a sweet surprise for me for Christmas, my sister asked Jennifer to paint this painting of my son, with our dog Sunday. To say that I was beyond delighted when I opened this painting on Christmas Eve is an understatement and I just cannot say thank you! thank you! enough! I will cherish this painting forever!
I just wanted to share with you dear readers the detail...our little dog Sunday and do you see the sweet half doll with the wire skirt in the background? Ahhh, know me so well. You are a darling and an amazing artist!
Of course the painting delighted sweet Aidan as be memorialized in full garb with his favorite possession (this boy loves to dress up like no other). Well, suffice it to say, he squealed with delight.
Of course, a New Year couldn't come without thinking about making a change or two....maybe a very small change (but somehow slightly bigger than our last years change) came a sweet two year old mix from the shelter. Who could resist those eyes? I promise you guys...this REALLY is it!
And, for fun, I re-purposed this little wooden house. With a few embellishments I think it turned out so sweet!

The eternal little romantic, with animal in hand, perfect for a doorway to a house with more animals than windows. Yet, more love than anger. More silliness than seriousness.

So, thanks for not forgetting about me. I hope you all are having a wonderful New Year. : ) With warm wishes and creative blessings to you all....I can't wait to catch up on what you all have been up to!


  1. Sweet Julie your new art looks fantastic. And the painting of your son is so adorable and what a treasure.

    But seriously your real son is a total doll and looks beyond happy. He looks like all children should look happy and carefree.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Hello Sweet Julie! Wow, sounds like so much wonderful-ness is going on with you!

    My best guess is to call your wonderful new creation "Reflections of Home," just based on the story you've written with it...

    The painting of your son is just gorgeous, and your refurbished house is so charming!

    And most importantly, you've saved another little dog! Good for you! I'm a shelter person, too :)

    You've been gone far too long! I've moved my blog over to vagabond creations:

    Come visit when you can! :)

  3. Hi Julie!!
    Your paintings are always so beautiful!
    I love Jennifer's paintings too, and this one of your son and dog is really nice. I'm happy to see your work again :)

  4. As always I love your art Julie, i've missed seeing it over the past few weeks :) As for a name for it how about 'A loving home'?

    Your painting from Jen is wonderful,so full of detail!
    Your son is gorgeous such a cute little boy! your new doggy is wonderful too, I for one could not resist those eyes ;)

    Glad to see you back sweetie
    Micki x

  5. nice to see you again ive been missing your paintings she is great ill be watching for more happy and frutfull new year to you your son is adorable x

  6. i love your painting - the fact that she represents home was apparent to me right away :D

    very cool to have your son in a painting :D

  7. Julie,

    So glad to hear from you! I pictured you lounging around on some foreign beach soaking in the sun! Sorry to hear it was just work keeping you busy. ;) I love your new painting so much with all the little houses. The story that goes along is so sweet and true! I am so glad you liked your new painting, you can imagine my struggle trying to paint a boy so CUTE! Nothing could compare to the real deal. I just kept looking at how cute he is and thinking ...oh well.. there is nothing I can do, he is just too cute to paint. All I can do is my best.
    So glad to see you back!

  8. Such a beautiful post. Lovely to see you back and to hear about your Christmas present. Jennifer's art is super fabulous.
    Your painting and story are both fabulous also!
    Thank you for sharing!



  9. Great to see your post!!!Lovely painting!! And aren't you clever with what you did to that house too, lovely work!!!

  10. Hi Julie! I'm so glad you stopped by! Thanks for the compliments, I love your work as well! I look forward to getting to know you. So far, I love what I see!

  11. Julie,
    So glad to see you back! And with another of your lovely girls...Your paintings would be so lovely in a book with each of their stories. I know I would be looking thru it all the time. So lovely and heartwarming. The painting of your son is too sweet for words. What a wonderful thoughtful gift.
    Your new pup is such a sweetie...awwww! We lost our little Shelby over the holidays to kidney failure. We have all been getting over the heartbreak. I'm searching for a new little girl for Bailey and for us...hope I find such a cutie.

  12. hello there! glad to have you back, hope 2010 is a more restful year...that's what I'm hoping for, any way.
    And both these paintings are so gorgeous! what prettiness!~!

  13. Hurray! You are back. Your new little guy is adorable - what a cute addition to your family! Your new work is lovely, too~now I understand why you've been away so long. You've been very busy! :) Theresa

  14. Hi Julie, its so nice to see you back. Your painting is soo beautiful, did you find a name for it yet? I struggle so much with names I end up naming my pieces with really obvious, uninteresting ones! lol
    Oh...I seriously LOVE the way you write those stories, youre very talented. I'm with Kelly with the idea of a book with your painting and would be great :-)

  15. WELCOME BACK! You have been missed sweet girl!

    LOVE THE new work!

  16. Your such a lovey! You know how I love shout-outs on your blog! Pics of bubba make it darling! XOXO