Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dolls, Dolls & more Dolls!

Hello there friends. I just thought I would share some of my newest creations. I have been making Dolls like a MAD woman lately. I can't stop.  I've tried to paint but every time I pick up a brush I end up painting a little doll face instead. Below is Posie. (sold) I painted a little painting inside of her light cage dress.
 I think she turned out so sweet. I love dolls with pink hair. I miss the dolls I had as a little girl.  I have two boys and have no excuse to buy all of the lovely dolls I see in the toy isle when my little ones are dragging me to the truck and action figure isle.  So, I just keep making my own. It's a little weird but they're good company. :)
 This is another doll where I did a mini painting in the inside of the light cage. This is a Dia de los Muertos Doll, called "Love is Forever". (now sold) I love this one!
 And, I love the blue hair!!
 "The Garden Angel"
 The one below is called, "Lovely, Curious Secrets" (sold).
 This little cutie is called, "Sing for Evermore". (sold) 
 And, finally, "I will Never Forget You" (sold).
Except for the two I indicated they are all available in my shop waiting for their lovely, forever homes! And, for my dear blog followers I always discount my prices with a heads up so if you are interested in anything just message me. Have a wonderful week!!


  1. Those are beautiful dolls! You are so amazing! I have the lovely doll you made me sitting in my dining room. I always get comments and compliments about her!

  2. They are all wonderful but 'Sing for Evermore' is my favourite, so gooood!!

  3. Hello Ruby, I am so happy I have found you, and your dolls and lovely artwork and understand that you must be very busy with two small children. I am a professional toymaker for over 25 years now and have five children,so i know they drive you to do more in the precious making moments in the day :) keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more, love and hugs , Deb x x x

  4. These dolls are very enchanting and whimsical.

  5. Fantastic dolls blog! ♥ :-)