Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Falling Into Place... Sometimes Change is Good. :)

I love experimenting with my paintings as I know most of you do too. I have been adding some pastel and colored pencils to my mostly acrylic and paper paintings and have enjoyed the playful results. I love paintings that contain a little hidden story but I have found that, although I may share that story with you lovely readers from time to time, most of the people that buy my paintings and prints have no idea what that story really is.
So above is an 11 X 14 painting called, "The Gift Box" and I have added a little story to the canvas for all to enjoy! It says, "Although Clara was delighted by the gift box she still dreamed of talking donkeys and birds with party hats". Clara is my kind of girl. Below is another new painting titled, "The Sacred Heart".
This is a large painting (16 x 20) and, again, I have added a lot of pastels to my acrylic base for extra detail and dimension. I love playing with pastels and colored pencils. They are so easy and forgiving and coloring makes me feel like a little girl stretched out on my belly across the living room floor by the fire with my feet crossed behind my back and my tablet stretched out in front of me like an untouched patch of grass for my bare toes on the first day of spring .
I have just recently been blessed to be able to sell my art on consignment at a wonderful store in South Pasadena about 20 minutes from my house. The store is called
Zinnia: A Space for Contagious Creativity
(Click on the link above to see some of the beautiful pics of their store).
Not only does it sell the work of local artists but it also is the home for some amazing classes by the most supportive and talented of teachers "featuring their specialty, be it mini quilts, tin houses, or precious metal clay, and much more".
These are just a couple of pics I grabbed off of their web site but the best part is that...It is own, run and operated by artists...all creative and supportive souls who encourage and fine tune one another. Ahhh, such a blessing for me!
I have been so terribly sad to hear of the devastation caused by the tornadoes of late and my constant prayers have been with you friends who have been affected. I know there are many. My thoughts and prayers stay with you & yours and I do pray for shelter and support for you during this time. Thanks for your visit.


  1. I just adore your new work! Especially the first one - I should definitely like to meet a talking donkey and bird with a party hat! :) So sweet!

  2. Beautiful! Lovely blog; I'm a new follower!
    So nice to meet you!
    Anne ♥♥
    (BTW, your kitties are so sweet ~ one of my daughter's kitties was diabetic, and he actually "reminded" her when it was time for his insulin...he knew it made him feel better!)

  3. I just love these two paintings, and the colored pencil looks so pretty! Such fun little splashes of color :) And congratulations on selling at such a lovely store, your work will add so much extra beauty there :) Hugs, Lauren

  4. these latest paintings are lovely! Hope you are doing well and having a wonderful spring :)

  5. I love your painting!I'm am Fridamania too!

  6. Julie ~ your art is so lovely and whimsical... just perfect!
    Congratulations on having your items in the shop. It looks wonderful!