Saturday, February 4, 2012

Primrose... Art Doll

I finally have a new little lady to share with you all. She is 11 X 7" approximately and is filled with the colors of love and spring. I found some very old vintage lace trim that I had to use for this dress. She also holds some vintage millinery and also has a few flowers and a touch of lace in her hair.
All in all I'd say she turned out to be pretty delicate thus the name Primrose. :)
She also holds a wee little locket that can be opened to include a picture of your loved one.
She is in my etsy shop for any of you who might want to treat yourself to a Valentine treat. :)
Well, most of you know that we love Disneyland and go there at least once a month. I know, it is slightly gluttonous. But, it always provides a family bonding day that all three generations seem to enjoy. But because we live about 45 minutes away we never stay there. So a few weeks ago we decided to surprise my sweet Daddy and stay at The Grand Californian which is right next to the park.
The boys never had so much fun jumping on the beds, we almost didn't need to leave the room. And, this is the view from the top floor where you can watch their light/water show. We didn't want to go home. :)
I hope, as always, February has brought in some love and creativity for you all! See you soon,


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, what a beauty Primrose is! Ahh, one of these days I'll have enough pennies.....

      Wow, and no envy here! To live near Disneyland! My parents are about 6 hours away to the one in FL and I've never been there! Sounds like you had fun! :)

  2. Your new doll is so very lovely! Her name suits her very well. :) I've never been to Disneyland - or Disneyworld. Looks like so much fun. :) Looks like your little guys had a blast!

  3. Pretty doll Julie!! Love her wonderful dress ;D

  4. Oh my gosh your newest doll is gorgeous!! She is so perfect. I love the vintage lace you added and the little locket. So sweet.

    Sounds like your family had a treat this last visit. How fun!

  5. Wonderful doll Julie! Your pictures are wonderful too! The boys are growing fast! Your home must be beautiful from what I can see. A natural designer!

  6. The doll is just adorable, Julie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Wait...what? Disneyland once a month?? Wow! :))

  7. Love the doll...and Disneyland..I was there in 1969...when the crazy Charley Manson stuff was going on, we were terrified, I was 10! Mom has family in CA and I love it there. I have never been to Disneyworld...I still have such sweet memories of the original Disneyland!!!