Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Little Artists" (New Limited Series of Dolls)

I made this little doll for my niece who loves horses and to draw. I wanted to have her hold a wee tiny painting of a horse. It was actually quite fun to paint something on such a small scale and to make a little canvas/ frame that she could take with her on her adventures.

My dolls, of course, aren't really for children but she is of the age where she will be able to enjoy it on a shelf. But, it did inspire me to do a short series of dolls called "Little Artists"
So, with that, I made the little artist below. She is much taller than the first doll as her cage skirt is much larger. I have to say I do LOVE how she turned out. There is something about a cream, white and black palette....simplicity....that I am always drawn to.

She holds her botanical painting as she sets off to travel to her first art show. I picture her during the turn of the century (the last one) :) and her dress is embellished with lots of yummy vintage lace.
During a time when there were not as many prominent women in the arts she has some butterflies in her stomach. But, nothing will stop her from pursuing her dreams. xx
She is on the precipice to the beginning of a journey where she will pursue her passions, with a fervor....particularly for painting. A path that, once chosen, will lead her to places and discoveries she had never imagined.
I wish you all the Happiest and most Prosperous of New Years! Please be safe so that I can see you again in 2012! :)


  1. Beautiful creation indeed! I wish you a great new year!!!Happy 2012!
    Xoxo Claudia

  2. I love your new dolls! They are gorgeous! Happy New Year to you and your sweet little family. Little Vann is getting so BIG!

  3. Julie, they're wonderful!!!
    Happy 2012 :D

  4. They are dreamy and wonderful! I love the little paintings! How fun it must have been to make little artists!