Friday, June 24, 2011

Catching up...

So, as you can imagine, if I were grading myself according to all my endeavors as our school year comes to a close, this is where I would stand:
Mothering: A
Showering new baby & sweet 7 year old with kisses: A+
Keeping House: B-
Painting new pieces: C+
Posting witty tales & new works to my blog: F (I know it's hard to read this handwriting but that's a big fat eff!) :)

Well,the main objective for me is to keep trying, right?! And, as long as I maintain an A average in the top two categories I think I can live with myself. :) Above, is one of the few paintings I have done in the last few months.
It is Called,"The Sisters of Raven Lake"

And, Vann is becoming quite a little personality. The top picture is a little over a month ago but the one below was just a couple of weeks ago. He is a happy, happy baby...always a smile for me and a cuddle to give. What a true blessing. :)
This painting is called, "The Rain Holds the Tears of My Heart" inspired the people of Japan. 100% of the sale of this print goes to an organization for Japan earthquake and tsunami relief. (details are available in my etsy shop).
And finally, "The Room Of Curiosities".
I've been inspired by some ghostly girls. Don't worry, they are all very friendly. :) And the ghostly girls have stories so, if you are interested, they are posted with the prints in my etsy shop.
I truly hope that all of you lovely and dear readers are well and are ready to enjoy the summer creativity.
I've certainly, as always missed you!


  1. Hi Julie, first of all, your little Vann is so cute, I could just eat him, and both of your boys together--well, what a blessing you have.
    And your art is just so wonderful,plus....I loved your feature in Somerset Gallery!!

  2. very nice new, paintings :)
    i agree, you've got 'a's' in the most important subjects :)
    have a super weekend!

  3. Your work is always just so stunning. I love your piece inspired by the Japanese Earthquake. I love them

  4. Hi Julie! Long time no hear! Looks as though you've been plenty busy. Little Vann has such an adorable smile. :) And your new works are beautiful, as always. Hope you and yours have an amazing summer!!! :)

  5. Hi Julie, I was so happy to see your post and art again. The boys are the cutest ever & remind me of when my son was little. I think its amazing what you do with the little ones coming first. Loving your new artwork. Happy summer to you! Theresa

  6. Hi Julie, i'm smitten with your Room of Curiosities :)

  7. Aww, what sweet little boys! Good job, mom! Lovely portraits too! Always love your work.

  8. you're doing awesome! What adorable kids and those paintings are amazing, especially love the top one. I havent been by to see you in a while, hope you are doing well!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always a treat to see what new art you've been up to. Love The Sisters of Raven Lake, it just tells a story of its own.

    PS Darling boys by the way!

    <3 Laura Beth