Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Bride Of White Forest

The White Forest is an enchanted forest deep within the evergreens that is filled with lush blooms and leaves, vines and petals all in beautiful shades of white. Many creatures, lucky enough to find this forest first believe it to be a forest covered in soft, freshly fallen snow.
But, upon one's first step inside they quickly smell the fresh flowers, the crisp scent of a moss covered stream and delight their eyes upon every white colored flower imaginable.
And so, long, long ago this young creature was appointed the bride of this forest for everyone knows that an enchanted forest requires a suitable bride or princess. :)
She is available in my etsy shop.
And, below, is a Frida Art Doll/Sculpture that I painted from a re purposed wood candle holder.
It is called, "Frida's Heart".
It depicts Frida's deep, internal struggle between love and art. Should she direct her heart's deepest passion to her love of Diego or her love of painting? She will always be pulled in both directions.
She is also available in my shop.
Thank you sweet readers for all of your kind visits!
Have a great weekend. :)


  1. Your bride is absolutely lovely. So perfect. What inspires you with the ideas you come up with? I really like them.

    Hugs! Happy Thursday. :)

  2. as always, beautiful work!

    i love your frida sculpture. and the heart! hearts have been on my mind a lot lately, too, and i think i'm going to incorporate a 'real' one into a painting very soon, too. we think alike, my friend!


  3. OH wow, love the Frida sculpture! Actually for a split second I thought it looked like a fountain. How perfect is that! She overflows art and love dripping down every tier. Beautiful Julie.

  4. Ooooh, they are both exquisite. The brides face is especially enchanting! Beautiful eyes. Lovely lovely lovely!

  5. oh i so love them both that painting is pure magic so so pretty and the frame is perfect xx

  6. This is so enchanting - funnily enough I do rather love a good fairy tale and something beautiful to bring it to life!

  7. Hi Julie, I just love your story and bride & your Frida sculpture. Hope you have a wonderful weekend~ Theresa

  8. Hi Julie, I love your Bride of the White Forest! The piece is so ethereal and enchanting. It's always fun and inspiring to read the stories behind your art, as well. Your Frida sculpture is just amazing - it's a wonderful homage. Have a great weekend! Theresa

  9. Wow, both of these creations are just gorgeous! I love the colors you've used. I'm getting more into white and cream myself ;) its so dreamy and soft!~

  10. Wow!!! I love the bride of the white forest! She is so beautiful and filled with mystery! Love the story too! ♥

  11. The bride and the sculpture are just gorgeous, such beautiful soft colors! And I love the frame around the painting, you always find just the right complements to your pieces :) ~Lauren

  12. i love the way your heart and mind and HANDS all work together. your art always makes me happy.