Sunday, March 14, 2010


Someone who knows your thoughts before you speak them,
Someone who hears everything you say and never has to say a single word to let you know it,
Someone whose love for you runs as deep as any love can,
Always a kind word, a nonjudgmental heart, a knowing smile.
I felt they were sisters at first but, as it evolved, it began to feel more like a mother and daughter.
"Heartstrings" is on ebay now. : )
I know a lot of you have had this evening so I thought I'd share....
all is good, it's been a nice, productive day, the house is clean, homework is done and you've just poured yourself a nice big glass of wine (or a little somethin' on the rocks) and are ready to have a brief but promising date with the DVR.
It's 9:15, the lights are dim...
Husband to wife....
"Oh gosh....I forgot to tell you but, tomorrow is dress up as a save-the-planet superhero. Were supposed to make a cape and be very creative."
"Oh WE are?"
"So what are We doing?"
"Uh, I dunno, I thought I'd leave it to you since you're so creative."
So this little sweetie only took three hours off of my life.
But, the little man was happy so,
once again,
all was good. : ) of the sweetest, most truly beautiful souls I have met in this little community is
Miss Zan Asha of Vagabond Creations
She gave me this sweet award a little while back and I have been ever so negligent in posting!
I know most of you know her but if you don't please take a moment to visit her. Besides being a talented artist and designer of beautiful creatures both enchanting and whimsical she is also a bee keeper, farmer, dancer, singer, writer.....
I can't keep up with her.
But, I am daily inspired by her and I know you will be too.
And, I am supposed to pass this on to six other bloggers but I can't pick just six so...
if you are reading this post then this award is for you!
Grab it and pass it on!
And, have a wonderful week!


  1. such a sweet piece. it could be sisters or mother/daughter. either way, i love it! cute story about alex and the cape! you go super mom!!

  2. Nice painting : ) I too am a mother of one who loves 20 : )

    Have a good day

  3. What a pretty painting :)
    How cool is that "Supercape"?!

  4. You're right--they look like Mother and daughter--it's a wonderful piece--great for Mother's Day. Your story brings back Soooo many memories :)

  5. Beautiful new artwork, Julie! Very touching. And what a lovely little cape for your mini superhero! Congratulations on your lovely award - it is most befitting you. :) Theresa

  6. This painting is so lovely! I just love the sweet faces. Very cute cape too! :)

  7. i love the painting - great name for it too :D

  8. ohhh. i LOVE this. i lost my mom 5 years ago and with her death, i lost my best friend.
    i think this piece needs to come and live at my home with me.
    you are a dear.
    and what a perfect mama as well.
    (that.s the most important of your jobs....i think)

  9. What beautiful faces, the painting has such a calming, serene feel to it! And gosh, you ARE so creative, a great cape in three hours!! :-D

  10. Very beautiful painting. I have always wanted a sister. I don't suppose you would want to be mine?! :)

  11. Your faces are so lovely! Love these beautiful paintings.