Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Hollow"......(the longest post ever!)

She'll let you take a peek inside, but only for a moment. She hides it well. It's been a very long time yet still, for now, she is hollow. She so misses her sweet love. Was it a romantic love, a motherly or sisterly love?...I'm not sure; she wont tell. That would expose entirely too much. But she keeps their heart which contains a little clock that is frozen at the time that they left her. She knows she won't be full again until she is able to lay their heart outside of herself. But, she's just not ready... Although she is young loss has aged her. Only her hair betrays her of this secret.
Her friends tell her to let go but she knows that is not the answer. It is not to let go for her but to remember how to live.
"Hollow" is painted on wood and is approximately 9 X 12 ". She will be on ebay 5:oo p.m. PST tonight! : )
I can't believe it's been three weeks since I posted something! That is terrible! I have no excuses other than it seems like we have been on fast forward since Halloween. First, my little man turned six! Ahhh...when did this happen?!

Then, an all day field trip down to the L.A. County Museum of Art and the La Brea Tar Pits. And, yes, all four of these boys were in my car! Thank you to my sweet husband for coming along and helping! (He was the only dad and had all day potty patrol) mmm...good times : )

A new half doll which I re-painted. ( I know you shouldn't do this with antiques but she needed it!) I love how she turned out!

And, I think I finally am happy with the mantle arrangement...(for now). I love how the vintage frames create their own art.

The big frame someone had thrown out in our alley.

I love this half doll (and a picture by mystele!) that I adore...

My mom found me this sweet picture on her vacation through the Midwest which is a sweet hand stitched mother and child.

More dolls this week too! I will be sure to post them. Hope you all are having a lovely I'm off to read your posts and catch up!


  1. what prettiness! the mantle looks very lovely :) and a very happy birthday to your little man! they grow so fast...

  2. Wow your mantle looks great!! I love your new picture too! You have been busy, Happy Birthday to your little man, they do grow so fast don't they?

  3. Pretty painting!! and beautiful vintage dolls!

  4. I am so happy you're back, Julie!!! Glad to hear all is well and that you've just been very busy. Your new painting is so lovely. I adore all the little black birds surrounding her. Congrats to your little man on his BIG birthday. Looks like he had tons of fun.
    Hope to hear from you soon! Theresa


  6. What a creative and beautiful mantle! I love it!

    And "Hollow" is just stunning.

  7. I love the poor hollow girl. Hopefully something or someone will make her feel whole again! Your little boy is so cute--they sure grow up fast! I love your vintage frame idea. I have a couple of empty frames on my wall, but only because I sold the paintings out of them and I never get around to painting for myself! ha ha

  8. Beautiful painting and story to go along! I enjoyed reading it!!
    Mantle is lovely too!
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Love the story and the painting. I think she is needs to close the door behind her and never look back but with the "heart string" connected yet.. mmmm she may hurt deeply still.
    Love the connectiveness you have here.
    Thank you for posting this it is great!
    Thank you for all of you input on my blog as well. If I don't respond here, I do on my blog so just check in once in a while.
    Happy Thanksgiving!! Hugs, Darlene xo

  10. Your new painting is beautiful and your story that goes with it is just perfect!

    I sure have missed seeing your artwork, you must not stay away for this long again ;)

    Micki x
    p.s. A belated happy birthday to your boy, he is such a cutie!

  11. Beautiful painting, story and beautiful children!
    Thank you for showing your maantle, I so love looking in other people's homes!
    Have a relaxing holiday,
    xox, Lisa

  12. Beautiful story to go with a lovely painting! My little one just turned six this month too...where does the time go! :D Can't wait to see your new dolls...

  13. Wonderful Painting and everything about this post. I always enjoy my visit with you and you little man! Happy Birthday the little man. Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Lovely, Lovely and more Lovely!

  15. Julie, i love the little stories you write about the characters you paint, it always captivates me. Your painting is beautiful and I love the idea of using vintage frames as the main focus of your mantle.
    Oh, and Happy belated Birthday to your little boy too :-)

  16. Wow, lotsa stuff going on!! Happy Birthday to your boy, and how wonderful your mantle looks!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sweets! :)

  17. Hooray!... a new painting and oh my! what a lovely one. I feel her sadness and that empty place. She's right...don't let go, remember how to truly live.
    Your mantle arrangement is wonderful. I love the frames and the half dolls. You have a great eye for sweeet details. Happy Happy Birthday to your little guy. My "little" guys are arriving home from college for Thanksgiving break. Time really does fly.

  18. julie, everything rocks!!! i love "hollow" and your half dolls are so cool...i'm inspired!

  19. love all the frames and your painting is beautiful :D