Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Maeve.....New Doll : )

I'm addicted to making these little sitter dolls right now. Little Maeve has arms that move and the sweetest little face! I just love back and red and cream together....A little side note of interest to some of you....Joanne's fabrics has a new line of their own materials and the fabric from this cute skirt is one as well as the fabric from the cloak of Corinne (below). They have a lot more vintage looking fabrics for a reasonable price. I was actually pretty impressed.
The crackle on her face is much more subtle than Corinne's....

She should be up on ebay in the next day or two. Thank you SOOOOOO much for all your kind comments on my last post! I really appreciate it! Next is a little Day of the Dead dolly so check back and also a BIG surprise give away by Sunday! (Just to say thanks) : ) xx


  1. Totally understand your dolls are awesome! Love'em so much. Cute and cuter!

  2. OOOOOo, she is so cute. You are so good at this! Wow. That looks so hard to me. I bet they look so cute together in your pretty house. I love her sweet little face!

  3. She is wonderful!!!
    I love her dress, great colours!!

    Micki x

  4. hello rubys nest thanks for your nice comments on my blog page I love this doll you should make more of them they are charming i love making dolls too my husband thinks they are freaky i have a collection of them sitting on a childs chair in our bedroom I think they give him nightmares

  5. Ooooh, another sweetie. You are making it very hard for me to keep within a budget Julie! I'll have to seriously think on these! :)

  6. Julie, your dolls are absolutely wonderful!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments!

  7. How gorgeous it's like one of your paintings came to life...

  8. When DO you find all this time? sigh....
    I need a life....

    LOVE the dolls!!

  9. It's a pretty doll, just adorable!

  10. Hi Julie,
    I love your dolls and I especially like the crackle effect on their faces. I use to work with crackle on paintings. It is a great process.
    There is something very special about your art. Your ladies have the cutest faces!:)
    It is good to catch up with you again.

  11. I know, I know, I'm so addicted to making them too! I so love your little sitter should put them in your Etsy Shop! Have a great week and keep creating your magic!

  12. Another lovely creation...I love the colours.

  13. These dolls are beautiful!!! I love their names too.... Maeve and Corinne.