Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cleaning My Studio = New Stuff on Etsy

Hello friends....once again, I have neglected my poor blog and you sweet readers as well. I really am trying to do some new things but, in the meantime, have listed all of these original pieces in my etsy shop. "The Siren" Original 8 X 10
"Cherish Mine Heart" Original, 16 X 20

Altered, Assemblage Wall Cross, 15 X 23

Thumbelina and the Half Doll, Original 11 x 14

I promise to be back soon with some goodies. I love looking at all of your Halloween creations. : )
xxx, Julie


  1. Hi gorgeous! Cleaning out the Studio...always a good thing to do...LOL Heading over to check out your shop! Keep creating and rocking girl. Have a great Sunday and create your magic!

  2. I love all your creations!! I will certainly check out your Etsy shop. Beautiful stuff!

  3. Pretty stuff! Ahh, if only I had a budget for them! DOH! :)

  4. Hi Julie, pretty Art from a pretty girl. How is 1st grade home work going. Just wait for 6th grade math, that's when I gave up on my higher education, lol.
    xox, Lisa

  5. Great stuff!! Lovely paintings and great altered piece!

  6. hello really love your work keep painting x

  7. Hi Julie, thanks for the birthday wishes. :) Thumbelina and the Half Doll is so gorgeous. Beautiful work. I will check out your updated etsy shop. Bye for now...Theresa

  8. Oh, I love love love the sweet Thumbelina piece. Very sweet! Your work is truly wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your goodies :-)

  9. Hello Julie...oh I so love your paintings.Your Frida print is sitting in my studio, patiently awaiting her frame. I keep promising her the perfect one, but haven't found it yet.
    The Thumbelina piece was one of my first faves by you.
    Good luck with your new endeavours. Can't wait to see them.