Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Origin of my Love of Half Dolls

This is my grandmother. I love this sweet picture especially because her dress, my mom's dress and my mom's doll's dress are all matching and were all hand sewn by my great grandmother. Fast forward about 40 years and my grandmother began collecting half dolls amongst many other things! I had little appreciation for their beauty until she passed away and I inherited a couple of hers. From then on I have picked them up here and there. They remind me of my grandmother...and each one has a sweet face that reminds me of someone I know.


  1. They're beautiful! And that photo is so sweet, what adorable dresses!~

  2. Such a precious memory...and great that it's been recorded onto a photo for you...
    I'm so pleased I have stumbled on to your it!
    You're very talented and creative!
    I have become a happy follower!

  3. Your Grandmother was very pretty! Shan was a very pretty child and as I remember she was as young woman! She probably does not remember me at all! I have one of those memories...I can remember taking my first steps as a 9 month old baby. You have a beautiful family!


  4. Precious picture! My mom used to make matching dresses for her and I when I was little and she would let me pick out the material sometimes...yikes...she was a brave soul :]
    Love your art-great blog!